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ADAS Renewal Requirements

In order to continue holding current ADAS certifications, all ADAS members must apply to renew their certification every five years.  This article gives a reminder of how that can be done and what supporting documentation is needed.

While divers and diving supervisors make up the majority of renewal applications received by ADAS, other certifications which require five yearly renewal include Chamber Operators, Life Support Technicians, ROV pilots/technicians, and Tunnelling workers/lock operators.

Each of the above certifications can be renewed by submitting an application to ADAS via the ADAS website.

To continue holding a valid certification, there are a number of items that all certificate holders are required to maintain, including:

  • Current First Aid certification (issued within the last 3 years)
  • Current CPR and Oxygen Administration certifications (issued within the last 12 months)
  • Current dive medical (issued within the last 12 months) – not required for some types of certification
  • Competency evidence showing they have been active in the industry in the last two years

Although the items above are not required to be submitted at the time of renewal, ADAS undertakes random audits of renewal applications and will ask for these items to be presented if your application is selected for audit.

An important component of the renewal application form is the Applicant Declaration which is a legal agreement stating that the applicant holds all of the items required for certification.  Unfortunately, in recent times, there has been an increase in the number of people who do not hold the items listed above and who have provided a false declaration on the renewal application form.  Many people do not hold current First Aid related certifications or dive medicals, and others are unable to show competency evidence.

ADAS understands that with COVID-19 restrictions across the world it can be difficult to gain some of the supporting documentation, but wants to remind people that these items are vital to your ADAS certification.  They have been identified as crucial aspects of ensuring your own safety, and the safety of people in your workplace/dive team.

People who are found to not hold the asked for documentation during the audit will be asked to gain those certifications/documents before their ADAS certification can be renewed.  This will lead to delays in your application being processed and will ultimately affect your ability to work in areas where an ADAS certification is required.

If you believe that you may not meet the renewal criteria, its best if you contact ADAS to discuss your options rather than submit a false declaration.  ADAS is here to support and assist all people in the hyperbaric industry, and wants to ensure the safety of everyone involved.


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