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ADAS Online Revision Modules

ADAS is pleased to announce the availability of two new free online resources to help students, or currently certified ADAS members, revise some ADAS course content or to enhance their knowledge of diver-related physics, physiology, and diving illnesses.

Diving Physics

The two revision modules, Diver Physics and Diving Physiology and Illnesses provide theory, video content, worked examples and quizzes to review knowledge. Designed with mobile applications in mind, the modules can be used while on the go or from a desktop. So please jump in and take a look, and be sure to let us know if you have ideas for improvement.

First time users will need to create an account to access the material (instructions are on the home page). After an account has been created you can gain access to the revision modules by:
–  clicking the Continue button
– selecting Revision
– selecting Online Revision Modules and then click the image for the module you would like to enter.


Alternatively, after you have created an account, you can paste one of the following hyperlinks into your search bar:

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