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ADAS Applications

Updating personal details and completing application forms are tasks that all ADAS certificate holders will encounter at some stage in their careers. ADAS gives some advice about how to ensure both these areas run as smoothly as possible when the time comes.

One of the services that ADAS provides is the processing of applications that are submitted.  These applications can relate to:

  • renewal of certification
  • replacement of lost ADAS cards
  • applications for a different level of certification based on training completed at non-ADAS training establishments.

An important part of the application process relates to a declaration which all applicants must sign before they submit the application form.  This declaration is essentially a contract you make with ADAS and confirms that you have the skill and knowledge required to work in the hyperbaric industry at your level of certification, and that you hold current certificates such as First Aid and Dive Medicals.

Please consider that when signing the declaration, you are legally declaring that you hold all relevant certifications and meet the requirements listed on the declaration.  The declarations are checked and verified by ADAS, and in some instances it has been identified that individuals making the declaration in fact do not hold current certifications or have not retained the skills and knowledge required for their certification.

The staff at ADAS works hard to provide assistance to anyone with out of date certifications or those who are unsure of the options available to them to verify their competence.  There are always options available for those who may not be able to demonstrate recent experience and those options may be fare more accessible than you first think.  The options certainly don’t necessarily need to involve expensive retraining or re-attendance at training establishments.

ADAS urges anyone in a situation where they may not be able to provide all the required documentation, to contact ADAS before submitting an application and especially before being tempted to sign a false declaration.  This will not only help ADAS staff process your application faster, but will also mean less chance of your application being rejected.

Contact Details
ADAS often contacts ADAS divers or other certificate holders by email, post or telephone to give updates, share news or to send reminders about their certifications.  Unfortunately, there are usually a significant number of people we cannot contact because the details we have on file are out of date.

So that ADAS can give you the best support possible, please ensure all your contact details are current.  You can do this by filling in the contact form on the ADAS website and providing us with your correct information.



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