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ADAS Board Members

This year’s ADAS Board of Directors meeting held in August saw the retirement of two long-term Board members, Dr Ian Millar and Matt Conmee; and the introduction of two new members, Shane McDonnell and Peter Sieniewicz.

Dr Millar receiving a statue of appreciation from Rob Gatt, ADAS Executive Director

Retiring Members
Dr Ian Millar had been a member of the ADAS Board of Directors since its inception in 2003.  His hyperbaric medical specialist background was invaluable over the years as was his careful consideration of all ADAS activities.  Dr Millar will be greatly missed during Board meetings but will continue to be involved with ADAS as a medical advisor in the future.

Matt Conmee joined the ADAS Board in 2011 and brought with him a wealth of knowledge in the areas of onshore construction and business management, and also his involvement with industry due to his role as the president of the New Zealand Diving Contractors Association.  Matt’s sincere and unique perspective will be missed by the ADAS Board.



New Members
The ADAS Board of Directors has now been joined by two new members to fill some of the knowledge and experience gaps left by both gentlemen.  This consideration led to the recruitment of Shane McDonnell and Peter Sieniewicz.

Shane McDonnell

Shane is the current president of the New Zealand Diving Contractors Association (NZDCA) and brings with him onshore construction diving experience and knowledge in a business sense, and also vast experience in safety matters which is reflected by his membership of the WorkSafe New Zealand advisory board; the Diving Industry Advisory Group (DIAG).  Shane’s role as the president of the NZDCA allows him to gain valuable insights from contractors to improve conditions and standards in commercial diving.

Peter Sieniewicz

Peter Sieniewicz is a lead diving technical advisor for the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) which sees him draw on his 14 years of experience as a specialist diving inspector for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the United Kingdom.  Peter not only brings his Health and Safety expertise to the ADAS Board of Directors, but also his experience in research, legislation, diver training, project management and international experience as a member of the IMCA technical team.

ADAS extends a very warm welcome to both Shane and Peter and looks forward to working with them both in the years to come.

See the Board of Directors page for details about all current Board members.

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