ROV Operations Manager

ROV Operations Manager

Abyss Solutions

About the Company

In the age of aging assets, Abyss Solutions is a young and fast Australian growing company that focuses on collecting infrastructure data primarily for freshwater and offshore sectors using ROVs. The company provides unparalleled data assessment products through continuous development of scalable platforms that provide high quality data through the integration of autonomous systems. Abyss works with some of the world leaders in infrastructure management and construction and is currently focused on the water, ports, and shipping sectors. Abyss intends to dominate both the onshore and offshore market in the coming years in data collection and analysis for infrastructure condition assessment and asset management. The existing team consists of experts in marine robotics, computer vision, sensor technology, civil and environmental engineering. The head office is located in Pyrmont, Sydney, NSW.


This position involves building and leading an operations team on/off field to collect data for infrastructure condition assessments. Infrastructures include dams, canals, tunnels, ports, ships, pipelines, etc. Most of the operations are ROV based, however, some operations also include piloting RC ground vehicles, water surface vehicles, crawlers or collecting data using UAVs (outsourcing may be done depending on difficulty level).

Initially, the focus will be on developing a team of operations personnel which work together with a technical development team (roboticists, machine learning and computer vision experts, and system and controls engineers) to streamline and automate data collection using ROVs for repeatable and cost-effective broad scale imaging surveys. Once this has been achieved, the focus will shift to growing the number of teams nationally and internationally. The manager will then be in charge of all of these teams.


  • Developing a scalable operations team in collaboration with the technical development team
  • Managing operations
  • Ensuring Safety of Asset, Personnel, Environment, and Deliverables
  • Piloting ROV during operations and technology tests
  • Organizing and conducting operations as the need arises, including the transport of the equipment and personnel
  • Help in writing policies such as operational procedures, project risk assessments and save work methods documents
  • Instructing junior technical staff
  • Conducting and instructing technical staff on ROV maintenance
  • Operating other instruments such as various navigation systems, imaging systems and other sensors/actuators.
  • Reporting WHS incidents as instructed by policy and legislation
  • Reporting on operation results and consulting with other Abyss teams about data captured
  • Assisting the technical development team by providing advise on new technology needs
  • Setting and achieving quality metrics (towards no-fail operations)
  • Understanding the companies data products
  • Working together with the management team on strategy from the perspective of efficiency and scalability


  • ROV Pilot (required)
  • ROV academy training is required
  • Regularly working off site


  • Use of various navigation systems and imaging sonars
  • Diver
  • WHS certification
  • White Card
  • Be able to swim (for WHS reasons)
  • Familiarity with the Linux Operating System


  • Shared office space in Pyrmont, Sydney with small workshop and well stocked kitchenette.
  • 6 minutes walk from Light Rail (Fish Markets and Wentworth Park) or 20 minutes walk from Town Hall.
  • 15 minute walk from a ROV test site in Pyrmont along the harbor.
  • Regular offsite operations that can vary in frequency and duration (typically 1-3 days for 1-4 time a month).
  • Most jobs are in dams, lakes, reservoirs, but future endeavors may be offshore.